What’s a Mobile Lab?

The future of care

Having access to medical care can often be out of reach for individuals without insurance. But that doesn’t have to stop them from receiving vital diagnostics—we make it possible with cost-effective in-home lab services! From blood tests and imaging procedures, all the way up to IV therapy or wound care administered by professional nurses & phlebotomists at your own convenience


Make healthcare more convenient and accessible with in-home lab services! These innovative solutions allow patients to receive the same high-quality medical testing they would find at a hospital or clinic, right in their very own home. Enjoy superior care without having to leave your comfort zone –

With us on board, there’s never been a better chance for everyone to take charge of their health destiny. Explore all that this revolutionary approach has to offer by taking steps to access better lab care. 



With Dr.s orders in hand, our reliable service can provide you the peace of mind needed, plus it’s fast & convenient.  Say goodbye to any worries about potential conditions before they have time to become serious.


Decide Where to go. Are you ready to take control of your lab work? Consider beyond the ordinary and explore available alternatives. Take charge – book a mobile on-demand location today!


Now you need a lab tech, stat! Call or click to schedule & we’ll get you scheduled – fast. We’re available at 814-408-0212, making it easier than ever to access affordable lab care!


Let’s get this appointment confirmed so you’re all set to go! With the best pricing and procedures in place – no matter if you have insurance or not. We’ll make sure everything is taken care of and communicated before lab work starts.


It’s time to take the plunge! Our mobile laboratory is all prepped to be brought to you – so sit back, relax & let us handle the heavy lifting. Testing day has come!


Our testing process is swift, efficient and reliable – specimens expertly collected, prepared with care for the lab. Your results will be delivered to you or your doctor in no more than five days- ensuring that quality meets speed!

Puzzled about mobile labs? These powerful lab-on-wheels are equipped with all the necessary tools for medical technicians to perform nital diagnostics without ever having to step foot in a hospital. Plus, they have the magical ability of bringing vital testing straight to your home or office – now that’s really cool!

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